Insect control

Stop the insects from feeding on your plants

Controlling insects in your garden

You put time and effort into your little piece of heaven so why should you allow insects to enjoy a free meal? Aphids, earwigs, mealy-bugs, thrips, whiteflies, sawfly larva and mites are just a few that could be causing problems in your garden. So how do you control these pests?

The key is to be perceptive and see the warning signs of early infestation. Check indoor and outdoor plants on a regular basis for problems. Here are some common clues that the plant is infested:

  • Curled leaves

  • Flowers that won’t open

  • Yellowing leaves

  • Leaves with dark, dirty patches

If you’re not sure if you have a problem, talk with your local garden center about any symptoms you have witnessed.

Insecticidal sprays are very popular and widely available at most garden centers. Most of the sprays are very effective at controlling problems with adult insects. However what these sprays usually don’t do is control the eggs and larva that are hidden underneath leaves. This is the source of a future infestation and needs to be treated too.

There is a unique spray formula that might be just what you need to battle freeloading pests. The highly effective patented formula, known as Pyrol®, combines natural pyrethrins extracted from chrysanthemum flowers with canola oil. This alternative botanical insecticide kills all stages of insects on contact and is as effective as other traditional insect sprays.

What sets it apart from the rest is that it kills all stages of insects including the eggs and larvae. That means insects can be controlled before they can mature and reproduce. This helps against repeat infestation. This novel formula is effective and ideal for roses, flowers, vegetables, and even houseplants.

This insecticidal formula with active ingredients derived from plants is ideal if you are already having insect problems in your garden. Pyrol® quickly and effectively kills adult insects on contact. It can be used on edible plants up to the day of harvest.

To use, thoroughly wet all parts of the pests and plants with the spray. It effectively controls all stages of insects in greenhouses, outdoor vegetable and ornamental gardens, fruits, berries, citrus and crop plants.

Pyrol® insect sprays are sold under several different brands. Ask your local garden center

Its time to take back control over your garden by removing harmful insects and their eggs with a spray that will help stop them from coming back!