Naturally successful – since 1854

Innovations have a proud tradition at Neudorff

2015: Neudorff receives the National Champion 2015-2016 distinction at the European Business Awards 

2014: Neudorff wins prize for Germany’s Most Sustainable Company 2014. Read more here

2012: Neudorff’s Energy and Environment Management System is certified in accordance with the international industry norms ISO 50001(EnMS) and ISO 14001 (UM). Read more here.

2012: The Neudorff brand is launched in the UK with an assortment of 26 products (www.neudorff.co.uk). Neudorff products are available in over 20 countries with more than 1,300 SKUs.

2010: Registration of Neudorff Ant Buffet for the U.S.

2009: Registration of Loxiran® Ant Killer Granules for the U.S.

2009: Launch of Finalsan® Plus Weed & Grass Killer, which kills tough weeds including roots, is completed in the U.S.

2008: Neudorff ’s Selective Lawn Weed Killer, is introduced in North America.This unique formula that uses chelated iron quickly and effectively eradicates weeds in lawns. Following this success, application for approval in other countries commences.

2007: Registration of Neudorff Bug Bait for consumer products for the U.S., followed by a registration for commercial agriculture in 2008. This insecticide contains the active ingredient Spinosad, which is biologically derived from the fermentation of a naturally occurring soil organism.

2007: A new, state-of-the-art experimental greenhouse garden is commissioned. It includes a 1,500 m² area under glass plus 15,000 m² of outdoor areas, various laboratories and climate chambers.

2007: Neudorff is Germany's market leader in the pest control sector (Source: Nielsen Market Research).

2004: Founding of Neudorff USA

2003: U.S.-launch of Ferramol® / Sluggo® Slug & Snail Bait. The bait is OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening.

2001: Establishment of Neudorff North America

1999: The company is certified in accordance with German industry norm "DIN EN ISO 9001", the strictest form of certification for quality control. It encompasses all business sectors and provides our customers with a guarantee of maximum quality assurance.

1997: Neudorff presents the first alternative to conventional slug and snail baits. The patented Ferramol®/ Sluggo® Slug & Snail Bait, uses the active ingredient iron phosphate.

1985: Neudorff increases its technical expertise through a merger with a Canadian research laboratory.

1959: Rudolf Lohmann buys Neudorff and relocates it to Emmerthal in Lower Saxony, Germany, where the headquarters are still located.

1861: Neudorff launches the world's first insecticide with pyrethrins, an active ingredient derived from chrysanthemum flowers. This active ingredient is still used, in a more advanced form, in many Neudorff products today.

1854: The fabric dyer Wilhelm Neudorff, together with Carl B. W. Scheibler, founded the Neudorff Company in Königsberg/Prussia.