We strive to create sustainable products with minimal impact on nature

Wherever possible, we use natural raw materials that are sustainably sourced. The highly effective active ingredient pyrethrum is extracted from chrysanthemums and used in Pyrol®® Pyrethrins & Canola Oil Insecticide.

Geraniums supply us with pelargonic acid, which is used to make the active ingredient in Finalsan® Weed & Grass Killer. Ferramol® Sluggo® Slug & Snail Bait and Bug-N-Sluggo® Insect, Slug & Snail Bait contain iron phosphate, an iron compound that naturally occurs in the soil.

A large number of our products are approved for organic gardening an OMRI listed here in the United States.

Neudorff Wins The Prize for Germany’s Most Sustainable Company 2014


Düsseldorf, 11/28/2014 Neudorff is the winner of Germany’s Most Sustainable Company prize 2014 in the category of up to 499 employees. This prize is considered one of the most prestigious prizes in Europe and we are very proud of it!

Environmentally friendly production
Our philosophy is not only found in our products, but also expressed in our environmentally friendly, modern production processes and internal systems.

Our own high-performance water turbine provides electricity to the production and administration facilities in Emmerthal, Germany, and we heat our research greenhouse with the heat from a nearby biogas plant. Our experimental plants are fed with water from a rainwater collection cistern.
Solar panels on the greenhouse and on two production buildings provide 75,000 kWh/a. This equals the energy requirement of more than sixteen households.

Certified Energy Management and Environmental Management System
In July 2012, Neudorff’s Energy Management and Environmental Management systems were certified according to the international standards ISO 50001 (EnMS) and ISO 14001 (UM).

The certificates attest to a working environment and energy management system for the manufacturer. Projects to reduce emissions, manage waste water and save resources in production and working processes are being carried out.

Both standards demand full compliance with all legal conditions and the pursuit of objectives set by the company to continuously improve the performance of energy and environmental resources.

Neudorff’s measures include using more energy-efficient technologies and increasing use of renewable energy. Further objectives include reducing carbon dioxide emissions and waste and increasing the use of recyclable materials.

Since 2011, Neudorff has measured and controlled the company’s carbon footprint.

Protection of the environment on a global scale
We are committed to treating nature with respect on both a local and global scale. Together with the Tropica Verde Association we have been involved with protection and conservation of the rainforests in Costa Rica for more than 10 years.

In collaboration with the National Environment Protection Association "NABU", we teach the importance of protecting bogland threatened by depletion. And in kids’ workshops, we show young gardeners just how much fun can be had in gardening.